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Life and pensions

Our life and pensions customers benefit from sustained cost reduction, dependable service delivery, risk transfer and capital efficiency.

As the major supplier of business process outsourcing services to the UK life and pensions industry, and an emerging supplier in Europe and the Middle East, we can provide you with a broad range of integrated services that mirror the operations of a traditional life and pensions business.

Our scale and experience means we can offer you solutions that tackle your individual needs – from complete transformation of processes, people management, customer management, regulatory services and IT, to supporting short-term frustrations in changing, or difficult, situations, through to longer-term challenges.

The pressures facing the life and pensions industry are increasing daily and can affect both customers' and businesses’ balance sheets. At the same time, customers have ever increasing expectations of service and trustworthiness from financial institutions. Life and pensions businesses now find themselves pushing hard to develop more competitive and sustainable service models.

Our core services include: 

  • policy administration and service support to customer contact
  • governance
  • revenue generation and retention
  • claims management, underwriting, finance and actuarial services
  • customer tracing solutions
  • project services.

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