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Curiosity (noun); a strong desire to know or learn something.

Curiosity is great isn’t it? It can take you places, broaden your horizons, change your mindset and take your life in a whole new direction.

At Capita we are always curious. This mindset helps us provide solutions to complex problems. It helps us to be creative and innovative. Most importantly, it helps us to ask the right questions, so we can truly understand the challenges our clients face.

So, this summer we are championing curiosity, celebrating the achievements it brings and challenging you to think… what does curiosity mean to you?



Capita at TEDSummit

TEDSummit Day 1 – Learning TEDisms!

Capita at TEDSummit

TEDSummit Day 2 – Living in Beta

Capita at TEDSummit

TEDSummit Day 3 – Business unusual

Capita's head of institute, Oli Freestone, shares some highlights from the first day at the 2019 TEDSummit in Edinburgh. 

Day 2 at the 2019 TEDSummit started with a bang as we hosted our much anticipated TEDSummit workshop – ‘Living in Beta: Sparking Curiosity'.

‘Business unusual’ is a good summary of the central themes of our third and final day at TED. Speakers encouraged the audience to challenge the status quo.

What does it mean to be living in beta?

We’re living in a world of disruption – and to deal with a world of disruption we need to disrupt ourselves and the way we think. Capita's Ismail Amla shares his thoughts, ahead of the TEDSummit workshop in Edinburgh, exploring the concept of learning, unlearning and relearning and a 'Beta mindset'.

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Lessons we’re still learning from the original moonshot

On 20th July 1969, NASA astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, with Michael Collins orbiting above, became the first humans to land on the Moon. Generations of people before them had gazed up at the moon and wondered whether it would ever be possible for humans to travel there. It was that collective curiosity that sparked the space race and made history.

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Was Apollo the greatest spin-off programme in history?

What have cordless miniature vacuum cleaners, cool suits, and cosmetics all got in common? They were all inventions that were spun off from technologies developed as part of the Apollo programme, NASA’s pioneering space initiative that put Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the moon 50 years ago this month.

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Celebrating the importance of women in STEM – why the sky should never be the limit

With the announcement that one of the next people to walk on the moon will be a woman, but a persistent lack of girls and women in STEM education and careers, what can be done?

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Capita's work with William Hill

Keeping customers happy at your busiest times

How do our customer service teams support William Hill during the sporting calendar’s biggest events?

Future services

Designing for the future with services that citizens can trust

What if smart cities could discover innovative ways to use technology to redesign their services? 

Capita SIMS work with City Montessori School

Helping the school day run smoothly

Overcoming the challenge of keeping the data of the world's largest school under control. That's 56,000 pupils, over 18 campuses.

Jie Jiang, Senior Language Technology Specialist, Capita Translation and Interpreting

"For me, curiosity means keeping up with all the technologies emerging in your field daily and cherry-picking those that could improve, or even change your work completely. You need to lower your guard on things that you were not familiar with, be open-minded, and prepare to adjust yourself to embrace the new. Capita is always open to new ideas and allows us to experiment with them – and apply to business where it fits."

Capita live streaming graphic

Saving lives with live streaming

Are agile people the key to delivering digital transformation?

Capita teletriage graphic

Teletriage is helping people access healthcare across the world

How a family’s frustration at trying to describe a child’s sickness over the phone triggered a game-changing idea.

Why organisations that embrace change and support strong cultures of innovation and agile working will not just survive: they'll thrive. 

Smart software has the potential to relieve the pressure on GPs, emergency departments and ambulance services.

Demetrios Savva, Data Scientist, Capita Employee Benefits

"As data professionals we’re here to answer questions or solve problems through data. So being 'curious' means we have to ask probing questions, explore and experiment to find hidden truth and value. At Capita, we’re given enough licence to solve these problems using the methods we deem best. Even if we fail at first, it is viewed as an iterative process. Our team encourages a bright, supportive and collaborative atmosphere, which is vital."

Enabling Scotland’s digital transformation

Supporting clients in a crisis with expert complaint handling

Busting the cleaner air myths with an expert eye

With the Scottish Wide Area Network (SWAN), we’re delivering one of the most ambitious and significant single public sector ICT initiatives ever carried out in Scotland.

When a client hits a problem – even a client that’s never worked with us before – how quickly can good teamwork get a working solution up and running?

Capita’s Dr Xiangyu Sheng looks at how scientists and innovators have tried to develop new and imaginative mitigation measures to reduce air pollution. The question is, how effective are they?

Rob Osborne, Software Development Team Leader, Capita Secure Solutions and Services

"To me, ‘being curious’ is all about asking questions – both of others and of yourself. It’s challenging why things are done the way they are, rather than just accepting that’s how it is. It’s looking to see if things can be done in a better way. It’s about going beyond your comfort zone and trying to learn new topics and discover new information. Capita gives you access to materials inside and outside of the work environment that allow you to further your learning and understanding related to your job role, but also in areas more related to personal interests and wellbeing."

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