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How we unlocked value through smarter customer management

Capita change makers - retail

A major retailer we’ve been working with for nearly 15 years is something of a UK institution. They attract millions of shoppers through their door every day and another couple of million shopping online. We provide a variety of customer contact and support services for their direct business.



Reduce the cost-to-order ratio for online sales.


Analyse customer data to identify and resolve pain points on journey to purchase.


66% reduction in CTO, improved experience, increased loyalty.


The challenge

Our client wanted to reduce their contact-to-order (CTO) ratio for online sales. As well as a more cost-efficient call centre, this would have a knock-on effect of an improved shopping experience and increased customer loyalty.

To achieve this, we worked with them to help them gain a better understanding of why so many customers needed the call centre and where the pain points were on the road to purchase.

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Our approach

We formed an  insight and improvement team with the client, which used a range of techniques to analyse the customer data:

  • Shoutbox – a realtime update tool that enables insight, investigation and prompt action
  • customer journey mapping
  • internal and external customer satisfaction surveys
  • call monitoring
  • effort and emotion mapping
  • value stream analysis

In short, we wanted to know everything - including what the customers themselves had to say.

Customers voiced their opinions through a combination of surveys and call monitoring, and the findings then enabled us to implement a meticulous segmentation of customer types, profiles and channel strategy.

The insight generated enabled the retailer to make improvements to their website, enhance the online experience for customers, make self-serve seamless and help eliminate unnecessary calls into the contact centre. 

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The impact

  • Consumer driven insight and improvement to all business areas, including the contact centre  stores, suppliers, logistics and in- house operations
  • Insight improved customer experience by 14%
  • A more personalised service and  the removal of unnecessary barriers to purchase.

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