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Local government

We have many close, long-standing relationships with local authorities, schools and health organisations, supporting them in the challenges they face by delivering a variety of services – ranging from specific software tools to significant joint working on achieving tangible external outcomes.

We know that technology can help transform public services and to do that requires investment and innovation – and we're working with colleagues in the sector to develop new approaches that are deeply grounded in front-line practice.  

What's new from Capita in local government?

Why choose Capita?

Many of Capita’s people have come from the sector, and we understand the complexities which arise from the multiple stakeholders that council decision-makers have to satisfy. Applying a proven approach in any council always requires sensitive adaptation to the particular circumstances. The thing that defines us is that we are grounded in delivery.

We have local government experts who can provide open advice about the art of the possible in the context of any specific council. We're committed to local government and keen to help where we can, and to be honest if we can’t. These pages demonstrate our work, our partners, and some of our thinking.

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