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Complaints, remediation and interim resource

Our specialist complaints, remediation and interim resource team has worked on each of the major remediation programmes within the UK financial services industry.

Having managed over 2.5m complaints and paid out over £6bn in redress on our clients’ behalf, we consider ourselves complaints experts. We understand what effective and efficient complaint management means for you, your business and UK regulators. We can also partner with you to adopt an appropriate business model to help you plan and quickly respond to your changing resourcing needs, while keeping costs low and delivering the improved performance you require to meet all regulatory requirements.

Complaints management

We recognise that best practice complaint handling is much more than a series of unrelated case assessments. Our approach includes all the elements we know are essential for delivering success - efficiency, speed, consistency, control and outcome assurance.

Remediation management

When a problem impacts you adversely we design and implement an end-to-end, customer-focused programme that resolves the issue quickly and effectively. Our extensive project management experience and high quality operational resources ensure we can provide you with the most appropriate solution all under one roof.

Interim resourcing

Our interim resourcing solution is used by businesses looking to secure flexible and cost effective resource for ad hoc activities. An interim assignment can vary significantly in scope and content, but often includes the delivery of key projects and / or business priorities, helping with change programmes, supplying additional resource to support peak operational periods.

  • Assurance
    Our operational control frameworks ensure we deliver consistent quality outputs time and time again.
  • Expert planning and design
    We keep up-to-date with the latest technology so you can receive solutions beyond your own internal capabilities.

  • Speedy deployment
    Our accelerated recruitment process, including thorough screening and vetting, allows us to deploy resource very quickly.

  • Flexible locations
    We can provide services on your site or ours and have access to multiple offices throughout the UK.
  • Qualified personnel
    Our wide spectrum of experienced personnel allows you to choose the specific skills and knowledge you need to get the job done.
  • Increased productivity
    Expert management, effective process design and experienced staff ensures we often achieve more productivity than existing in-house teams, typically 20% better.

 A major life and pensions client said of partnering with us:

We needed a supplier who was able to respond quickly to our needs to provide a large number of staff who could work alongside, as well as integrate, with our own teams who were managing a complex and regulated rectification project. Capita were able to deliver over 100 skilled and experienced staff on to the project within just 12 weeks. Their partnership approach and high quality service has led to a longstanding and strategic relationship with their staff, providing additional support across a number of other projects.”

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