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Government services

Today’s government, and the public sector in general, is faced with unprecedented challenges ‒ and is under pressure to do better for less, while at the same time public expectations are rising.

Capita has a long history of working with government and, since day one, has supported the sector as our valued client and partner. We’ve worked together to deliver innovative solutions, solve complex challenges, achieve better outcomes and add value to the UK and local economies.

We’ve delivered large scale, national operations, as well as solutions to achieve specific central policy outcomes. All our solutions are uniquely structured, but consistent ‒ in terms of governance and reporting and in the way we use our core capabilities and extensive experience in, and understanding of, the sector to deliver the right solutions. Find out more about our services to central government

As the largest provider of outsourced services across local authorities in the UK, we focus on the delivery of support services to local authorities, schools and health organisations, including IT and digital transformation, regulatory and planning services, revenues and benefits, and back-office processing.

And we have a set of scalable and repeatable solutions and competencies, uniquely structured for local government, that can be used across the local government and local public service sectors – and which are increasingly strengthened by our capabilities in data analytics, robotics and automation to simplify and standardise processes. Find out more about our services to local government

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