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Skills, qualifications and a salary: there’s a lot of rewards to be reaped from an apprenticeship with us. Our apprentices work within experienced teams, receiving the support and training required to shape them in to future specialists in their fields.

You’ll receive nationally recognised qualifications while building an excellent foundation of technical skills. You’ll learn how to be an effective member of a team, you’ll handle a varied, stimulating workload and you’ll gain the skills needed to excel in any workplace.

This is an unparalleled opportunity to get your career off to an exceptional start – and add a prestigious name to your CV, too.

What's in it for you?

An apprenticeship with us will prove invaluable for your future career prospects. You will have the opportunity to gain exposure to a very unique working environment and benefit from the experience of the expertise around you - plus greatly improve your promotion prospects!

An apprenticeship is your opportunity to show us your ability to demonstrate competence, skills and knowledge to do a job against a specified criteria. In return, you will receive a salary and all the support you need to take your talent as far as you want it to go. This is a true testament to our investment in people and the perfect opportunity to take advantage of this and grow with us.


Apprenticeship structure

Your apprenticeship will be carefully structured to ensure it is as valuable as possible for you. There are four key elements: competency based qualifications (NVQs), functional skills, employment rights and responsibilities and personal learning and thinking skills.


NVQs are qualifications which demonstrate ability at work through performance and knowledge. The qualification is nationally recognised, and training is completed mainly on the job – meaning you’re able to put the skills you learn to the test as soon as possible.

Functional skills

Functional skills are essential to working in any job, in any industry. They assist you in communicating effectively, make sure you’re able to use common office software and ensure you’re able to use numbers effectively – meaning you have the basic skills you need to succeed at work.

There are three main functional skill areas:

  • English
  • Maths
  • Information and communication technology

Employment rights and responsibilities

All apprenticeship frameworks are required to include coverage of the ten national outcomes in relation to employment rights and responsibilities. Every apprentice must be able to demonstrate they understand areas such as employer and employee statutory rights, health and safety regulations and equality and diversity procedures.

It’s important to be aware of the rights and responsibilities you have in the workplace. You’ll learn what is and is not acceptable behaviour, and what to do if your rights as an employee are breached.

Personal learning and thinking skills

We think there are six essential skills that will help you learn effectively, question correctly and, when paired with your functional skills, excel in the workplace:

Independent questioning
Learn how to process and evaluate information, create solid plans and use informed decisions to get results. 

Creative thinking
This is about creating and exploring ideas, trying different ways to tackle problems and working with others to find imaginative solutions.

Reflective learning
Learn how to evaluate your strengths and limitations, set realistic goals and monitor them effectively.

Team working
Develop your ability to work confidently with others, adapt to different situations and take responsibility. This is about listening, taking account of different views, forming collaborative relationships and resolving issues to agreed outcomes.

Become organised, show personal responsibility, initiative and enterprise and understand the importance of continuous learning and self-improvement. This is about embracing change, adapting to new priorities and overcoming challenges.

Effective participation
Learn the importance of engaging with issues that affect you, your workplace and the wider community

What you will do

Initial assessment

The initial assessment will establish what skills and knowledge you already have. This means you won’t have to repeat something that you’re already competent in. It’s also an opportunity to identify and address any additional requirements you might have.

Individual learning plan

This is an opportunity for us to set targets for your development together. Once your plan is agreed and signed this is what you will work towards and will be updated throughout your qualification.

Planning and progression

Your Talent coach will visit you within four weeks of your induction to check your progress and to ensure that you have completed all aspects of your induction. Following this your Talent coach may plan to support you with further learning, or may carry out a planned assessment.

Once you have achieved all of the framework components relevant to your apprenticeship, you will be awarded your certificate of completion by your Talent coach.

Our locations

Most of our employees are based in our business centres across the UK and Ireland with our sites delivering the full life cycle of services from front end customer management to back office administration for all our clients. The diversity of our delivery network coupled with a strong presence throughout the UK and Ireland makes it highly likely that there will be a relevant apprenticeship opportunity close to you.

The application process


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