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You’ll benefit from our range of both core and non-core services to help you to plan and manage your costs more effectively and without compromise.

The industry has gone through unprecedented levels of change since the economic downturn and in order to thrive in such a competitive, demanding marketplace, the ability to deliver agile, efficient and cost-effective operations is key to staying ahead of the game. 

Moving from an in-house service provision to a specialist third party provider means you can benefit from economies of scale, a range of expertise and resources, and flexible delivery options, tailored to your needs.

Our broad expertise runs across the whole spectrum of common operational services, as well as your core functions, such as policy administration and claims management. Or we can completely re-engineer how services are delivered, reviewing existing activities to find efficiencies, resulting in streamlined processes, upgraded IT, modernised work environments and improvements to the overall customer experience.

Our core services include:

  • market level shared services for the London market

  • back office admin for insurers and brokers, including policy administration, claims management, underwriting support services, reinsurance management, financial accounting and placement services

  • taking a minority equity stake in existing MGA’s looking for fresh investment, or investing in new MGA’s where underwriting teams are looking to set up on their own.
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