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We have over 20 years' experience in supporting organisations to deliver better healthcare. We work with over 80% of NHS organisations and provide services ranging from payment of every NHS dentist in England, managing the emergency communications used by all NHS ambulance services, running the finance systems used by 60% of the NHS and delivering one of the most widely used clinical triage systems in the world.

We’re also one of the largest providers of business intelligence services to the NHS, as well as offering technology, property and infrastructure, customer (patient) contact and back office services. If you are a public sector organisation we can also offer contracting options that avoid the need for lengthy and expensive OJEU procurements.

Our approach is to work in partnership with our clients, and also in providing opportunities for a wide range of SMEs and voluntary bodies.

The extent of our experience in health, coupled with our much wider experience across the public and private sectors, allows us to bring new innovations, service models and technologies to the sector by drawing on experience elsewhere.

Our services to the health sector

Capita provides a range of innovative solutions. From clinical expertise, systems and process design, medical assistance & assessment, health intelligence and reporting, to innovative technologies - we can bring these elements together in the form of a strategic partnership to help support and develop your organisation, services and processes.

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