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Corporate responsibility
1 November 2018

Sharing skills with a local charity, Pursuing Independent Paths

Charities are always looking for volunteers to help them out. Some charities seek volunteers that come in and tidy their gardens or paint their walls. But some charities really value the skill sets and resources that larger organisations can offer. Being able to offer some of our time, ideas, advice and best practice to a small charity is not only valuable for the charity, but for us too.

At Capita, we allow all our people one paid day a year to volunteer during working hours. The day can be taken to support any local charity and community group. As far as possible, we encourage people to share their skills in the local community such as helping a charity to develop a social media plan or helping a young student prepare for work experience.

Our marketing team recently volunteered their time to Pursuing Independent Paths, a local charity committed to encouraging and empowering people with disabilities to reach their full potential. They shared advice for employees of the charity on how to create a social media strategy and how best to use analytical tools to reach more people.

Working collaboratively with Pursuing Independent Paths

After a series of planning sessions, to determine what topics would be covered in the workshops, the team was able to put together a workshop unique to the needs of the charity. The workshops ran over two mornings and were well received by all.

Being able to access expertise and guidance from a large corporate like Capita is so, so valuable to our small team at Pursuing Independent Paths.  The workshops have given us rare time to really focus on our strategy for social media and web so we can really shout about our work in a structured way. We’ve loved bouncing ideas around and have got some great insights which we’ll be able to build on.  Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers who have helped us today!

Danielle Taylor

Fundraising and communications manager

I used my volunteer day at Capita to go and help the staff at a London based charity to get up-to-speed with Digital and Website development. It was nice giving something back to the community, thanks to Capita, and meeting the staff and students was great fun.

Chetan Chudasama

Senior digital strategy manager

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