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Our corporate responsibility strategy

At Capita, we want to do the right thing not only for our customers and shareholders but for our people, our local communities and the environment.

We do this by embedding responsible and sustainable business practices at the heart of everything we do through our own community and environmental programmes. Our business touches the lives of millions of people and we understand that we can have a bigger impact by working collaboratively with partners to amplify what we do internally and working collaboratively with our clients to support their corporate responsibility agendas.

Our approach to CR is determined by our stakeholders’ view on the sustainable issues that they see as important for us as a business to be addressing and influencing either through our own operations or by working collaboratively with clients. 


We address these issues through four priority areas



Our governance


Accountability for CR sits with our CR steering committee who report annually to the Board on progress against our strategy and commitments.

Our CR steering committee is chaired by our Chief Financial Officer who has overall responsibility for our strategy. The committee comprises functional heads from procurement, risk and compliance, human resources, health, safety and environment, company secretariat and corporate responsibility, who provide oversight and challenge of our strategy as well as being responsible for implementing our strategy, developing appropriate policies, providing guidance and sharing best practice with the business, as well as reporting progress to the committee.

The committee met twice in 2017 for a general update on progress and to cover current topics of focus, including our Ethical Code Statement, our corporate charity partnership with Alzheimer’s Society, our continued efforts to reduce the risk of modern slavery in our supply chain and our approach to creating a more inclusive workforce.

Our strategy is underpinned by our group-wide CR polices outlining our approach to human rights, health safety and the environment and community and charities. Applicable to all operating countries and subsidiaries, these policies help manage our operational, regulatory and reputational risks while putting CR at the heart of our business.



Our issues

To understand the economic, social and environmental issues that a business such as ours should be addressing and influencing, in 2016 we prioritised a list of current topics using industry reports and trends, relevant legislation and best practice including the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and societal expectations. We then engaged with a number of our stakeholders including clients, suppliers, investors and employees to refine that list.

The results of the exercise identified 25 issues of significant, material value to our business and stakeholders. We developed four priority areas to focus our efforts on addressing these issues.



Our commitment and metrics

As part of the strategic review being undertaken in 2018, the financial and non-financial key performance indicators used to measure performance will be reviewed. This year, we are reporting progress and activities against thew following commitments and metrics. 


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