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Data analytics

Good use of data has helped many of our customers transform the way they do things – across sectors from health to defence, banking and finance to emergency services or local councils to telecommunications. We help some clients to develop their own analytics capabilities and for others we provide data analytics as a service.

Increasingly organisations are using data analytics to derive advantage and support change. Data analytics involves taking data and using it to turn a variety of information into insights that can drive specific actions to solve problems and benefit your business. It can deliver:

  • increased effectiveness and efficiency
  • optimised speed in delivering evidence to support decision making
  • innovation – informing both continuous improvement and strategic transformation.

We can support with the provisioning analytical tools, techniques, processes and team development from a range of skills and expertise, tailored to your specific needs, including:

  • business analytics – liaising across the business, to translate the business problem into the appropriate types of data and analysis and provide clear insight
  • data architecture and management – sourcing and manipulating datasets into a form for analysis, develop infrastructure from secure on premise solutions to deploying analytics on a private or public cloud
  • data science and modelling – developing decision models, exploiting advanced analytical tools, spatial analysis, visualisation, statistical and machine learning techniques
  • blending design research such as qualitative techniques, customer journey mapping, focus groups, and ethnography
  • interpretation, application and recommendations – taking the analysis output, enabling you to fully understand and apply the insight, from strategic decision making to AI based process automation.

Best practice analytics always start with trying to answer a specific business question, such as ‘where in the process does the problem lie?’, or ‘what will happen if these trends continue?. These questions could be posed by management, staff, suppliers or customers who are grappling with what to do in a particular situation. Data analytics provides a robust evidence base for decision making.

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