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Asset commercialisation

Use your assets to fill the funding gap. Many public bodies have valuable assets such as real estate, intellectual property and trading assets, yet they are rarely utilised to their full potential.

Growing businesses and maximising the value of assets is what we do. By combining our capabilities with the expertise, capabilities and assets of any organisation, we can increase the value that can be generated. We’re already in partnerships with public bodies that are currently commercially developing assets, including:

  • Axelos - a joint venture between the Cabinet Office and Capita which is commercialising intellectual property
  • Entrust - a joint venture between Staffordshire County Council and Capita focused on education support services
  • Defence Infrastructure Organisation, in which the Ministry of Defence and Capita are working together to commercialise real estate
  • FERA - a new joint venture between the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and Capita developing science services
  • RE - a joint venture between the London Borough of Barnet and Capita focused on property.

There are big opportunities for public bodies to maximise the value of their assets. With the right investment, capabilities and commercial approach this could generate substantial benefits, including financial returns that could offset wider funding cuts and generate substantial value to support policy. This value may be financial and non-financial, and it can be realisable up-front and over time.

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