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TEDSummit Day 2 – Living in Beta

Day 2 at the 2019 TEDSummit started with a bang as we hosted our much anticipated TEDSummit workshop – ‘Living in Beta: Sparking Curiosity'.

The room was jam-packed for this over-subscribed session, which began with Andy Hagerman, CEO and co-founder of the Design Gym, and our very own Ismail Amla setting the scene by sharing insights into how learning is changing, along with their personal experiences of having to adapt to an ever-changing environment.

Ismail highlighted three important trends shaping the future of learning:

1. We’re living longer, working longer and we’re going to have many different roles and even careers in our lives.

2. The work we’re doing itself is changing as we enter as era of hybrid workforces, where humans and machine are increasingly operating as hybrid systems.

Our chief growth officer, Ismail Amla, shares his insights into how learning is changing

We shared some insights from our own research, highlighting that massive changes are happening right now within the UK workforce – AI and robots are not futuristic anymore. Almost three quarters of business leaders in the UK today believe that the transition to a hybrid workforce will be their biggest challenge over the next five years. While a staggering 93% believe they’ll need to start actually managing that shift in the next 12 months

3. How we learn will need to change radically. We’ve been stuck in a system that’s hundreds (if not thousands) of years old. Alex Beard, author of ‘Natural Born Learners’ called it out when he said that schooling is not the same as learning. We’re going to need to be able to become adept at learning, unlearning and relearning if we’re going to be able to re-skill and remain relevant for a future that’s coming at us fast. That means new approaches, processes and systems.

The session marked the start of a living experiment where we’ll be capturing and codifying people’s most important learning moments and plotting these onto journey maps of lifelong learning in order to help us to understand more about how learning is changing to inspire the development of new approaches and technologies.

We explored personal experiences relating to the challenges of leadership, how learning needs to adapt to individual differences, the importance of having time to reflect on what we’re learning and what tools we may need to develop to help us become more agile in how we learn.

An inspiring day and an exciting start of a journey for Capita as we explore what a future of living in Beta could look like! #AlwaysCurious

Photo of Oli Freestone

Oli Freestone

Head of Institute, Capita

Oli heads up our Institute, which is part of Capita’s digital and consulting capability and is responsible for digital thought leadership, research and insights. He has worked across multiple industries as a management consultant, and has expertise in strategy, technology and innovation, and is a regular contributor to leading publications on these topics.

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