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New paper: big data, big deal

With more data available now than ever in the history of the world, how is your organisation coping with big data when it comes to your travel and meetings programme?

Our new white paper provides travel and meetings buyers with a vision of the new opportunities and challenges that big data brings.

It’s a topic high on every organisation’s agenda, and big data is not a passing fad. Technology advancement is evolving how we analyse data, but are organisations using this to their advantage and turning that valuable big data into something that is meaningful and adds value to their travel and meetings programmes?

In this paper, we set out to provide travel and meeting buyers with a vision of the challenges, and the huge opportunities, that big data brings. Nowadays businesses want savings, but not at the expense of the traveller experience so are looking for new approaches that fulfil both objectives.

“Companies need data-led insights on a wide range of issues that will help them look at travel and meetings in a smarter way. It’s the power of effective influence which is sorely missing in many organisations’ travel strategies.”

Trevor Elswood

Chief commercial officer at Capita Travel and Events

Photo of Neal Poole

Neal Poole

Marketing Director, Capita Travel and Events

Neal’s experience and expertise of leading and delivering brand and marketing strategies spans the last 13 years. This experience has seen him work for some of the world’s most recognisable brands across a diverse range of industries, from telco to automotive, and for the past 7 years, corporate travel and events. He led the branding and collaborative marketing activities during Capitas’ break into travel, meetings and events when three specialist businesses came together to create Capita Travel and Events.

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