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We combine a people-led approach to business with a desire for efficiency and improvement to make our clients more effective and successful organisations.

We support clients across a range of sectors, including local government, central government, education, transport, health, life and pensions, insurance  and other private sector organisations. We support them with expertise applied by the diverse and committed talent across our business in combination with technology, insight and analytics to keep our clients ahead of change, sharper than competitors and more efficient than ever – and we always need new talent to help us achieve our goals.

Our history

We started as two people, now we are over 63,000 with 400 sites in the UK and around the world. We were built on entrepreneurial spirit and a keenness to use the latest technology and thinking to transform the way organisations work - and that hasn’t changed since we were formed in 1984.

Bringing together the public and private sector was seen as a radical move – public sector outsourcing barely existed in the UK at the time. But we were confident and it’s this kind of original thinking that has been at the foundation of everything we’ve strived to achieve ever since.

Our culture and values

Our values – the way we conduct ourselves and the behaviours we adopt – underpin the success of our business. They shape who we are as an organisation and they help set us apart from our competitors. 

Truly living the values we have set out is essential to ensure that we have a culture that is open, collaborative and innovative. We want everyone’s voice to be heard and every idea to be shared. We have created various channels of communication and dialogue between management and our people in order for us to achieve this. Our most successful and engaging platform is our ‘Ask Jon’ portal, where everyone has the opportunity to submit questions to our CEO, Jon Lewis. Each week Jon receives a number of questions and suggestions that have helped to shape the new strategy and focus for the 2020 transformation.

In addition, recognising hard work and commitment at Capita is hugely important, which is why we celebrate our ‘Local Heroes’ each month across the organisation. Our people have the power to nominate a colleague across the business. Each month the winners are profiled across the group and awarded with a gift voucher and a personal thank you from Jon Lewis.

We believe that it’s through this combined open dialogue and the skills, knowledge, attitude and creativity of our people that we continue to deliver great service and positive outcomes for our clients.

Our people

Working with clients across a range of sectors, it is essential that our people reflect the diversity of the sectors we specialise in and the communities we operate in. Our employees come from a huge variety of backgrounds and are equipped with a broad range of skills and expertise to help us and our clients become more efficient, more effective and more impactful.

Openness, collaboration and a willingness to engage with technology and new modes of learning are essential to us getting the most out of our talent – and helping them get the most out of us. We know how to harness your enthusiasm, we know how to develop your skills and we know how to make sure you get the most from us and in doing so, we enable you to unlock value for us and for our clients.


We want you to succeed, so there’s plenty of technical and onboarding training to get you quickly up to speed. And your career opportunities will be enhanced as we roll out the Capita Academy, providing the training you need in managing people, project management, technology, finance and many other topics.


Our responsibilities as a global organisation

At Capita, we believe is it our responsibility to ensure we do the right thing not only for our customers and shareholders, but for our people, our local communities and the environment. We do this by embedding responsible, sustainable and inclusive business practices at the heart of everything we do through our own people strategy, community engagement and environmental programmes.

On International Women’s Day 2019, Capita’s three most senior women executives shared their thoughts and advice on leadership and the world of work.

We support and improve the lives of millions of people, both directly and indirectly, every day. We recognise that we have the opportunity to be a force for good, helping to address global challenges and making a positive contribution to society. We’re committed to being a responsible business in all that we do by creating better outcomes for our people, customers and society as a whole.

As part of our strategy to simplify, strengthen and succeed, we’ve reviewed our approach to addressing our relevant sustainability issues ensuring it remains central to our vision to become a trusted partner for all our stakeholders. You can find more information on what we are doing to deliver long-term social and environmental value for our people, our clients and the community here.


This isn't just about women - inclusion is about everybody being able to bring themselves to work and feel that they can be themselves, whoever they are.

Katja Hall

Corporate Affairs Director

Capita is an Armed Forces-friendly employer

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