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South Africa

South Africa is a new and exciting outsourcing destination, offering a unique combination of commercial advantages. Our clients who have selected South Africa highlight the friendliness of South Africans and the cultural affinity with the UK, the skill and capability of the workforce and the quality and accent of spoken English.

It has a mature domestic market too, with world-class strengths in customer services, financial and legal. It has an attractive investment climate – with strong public sector support, a superb telecoms infrastructure and political stability. Market-leading incentives ensure that costs in South Africa are at least 35-40% lower than in source markets – an irresistible value proposition.

Our two operational buildings in the heart of Cape Town provide world class centres of excellence, and an environment that ensures we attract and retain the very best people.

We currently deliver services including customer service, sales, debt collection and technical support. The skills available in Cape Town also offer scope for a breadth of services including multi-lingual operations, HR, finance and accounting, and life and pensions outsourcing.

In summary South Africa offers:

  • 35-45% lower cost compared to the UK market
  • a highly skilled resource pool with a great service ethos
  • strong English language capability with strong cultural affinity with the UK and US
  • no time zone challenge for the UK market
  • committed government support ensuring South Africa is and remains an offshoring destination of choice.

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