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Supporting clients in a crisis with expert complaint handling

Our specialist, skilled team is able to step in and help in a matter of days, even when it's a brand new client.

The challenge

A spate of stories about financial services complaints had appeared in the media. One financial services business contacted Capita, having recognised the need to respond to the surge in negative media, by boosting its own complaint handling capability. They also recognised that this couldn’t be achieved quickly enough by handling it internally.

Establishing a specialist complaints team would be the most effective way to demonstrate their commitment to strong customer service – but this meant recruiting, training and deploying a completely new team within a matter of weeks. And this was not an existing client of ours, but a brand new one.

Our approach

Capita Customer Management has a dedicated business that specialises in case handling, remediation, and complaints management and resolution. With our help, the client was able to put a brand new complaints handling team in place little more than days after first contacting us.

The client initially invited us to price a requirement for 10 complaint handlers. Almost immediately after the contract was agreed, the client realised they would need a larger resource pool, including managers and a separate fraud investigation team, with a total headcount in excess of 30FTE.

Within two weeks, the enlarged complaints team had been recruited and was in place working at the client’s premises.

Within the remediation/complaints world, especially financial services, agents must be familiar and up to date with regulatory complaint handling procedures. That knowledge includes vulnerable customers and fraud/money-laundering awareness, as well as ensuring regulatory procedures enforced by the FCA in this type of activity are adhered to. It calls for a lot of experience, which was why our recruitment leads ensured the process was of the utmost accuracy and exhaustiveness.

Over the course of that first month, the requirement continued to grow at pace within the areas of complaint handling, fraud telephony and services, and operations clearing services. After six weeks, we had onboarded a team that now stood at 80FTE, operating across multiple workstreams and two client sites. Our original three-month engagement was extended, with the client requesting the Capita teams be retained until year-end.

The impact

In a tough year for the client, the Capita team’s rapid mobilisation of a variety of roles has helped them to rectify and respond to issues promptly and with the right support – a major win from a customer perspective. There are certainly more challenges to come, but our provision of over 80FTE across three different areas and two different sites has given the client a key advantage. The client is able to showcase to the market and their customers that they are serious about resolving issues, and doing what’s right.

The client also has access to Capita’s wider network of recruiting partners, as well as a senior management skillset that is highly knowledgeable about the financial services industry. This means that they are comfortably placed to tackle any future complaints resolution challenges that may arise.

Feedback from the client has been excellent so far, with results from our people demonstrating exactly what we can do. In fact, the client has requested some staff be made permanent due to how well they’ve performed. Within the complaints and fraud team we began receiving gold star calls very early on.

David Bonner

Senior Operations Manager, Capita Remediation Services

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